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Monday, October 19, 2009

Lady GAGA = Edgy Fashion

Do you know any other woman that could push the enveloppe that far ???  i dont think so .... it seems like an overnight success and it is obvious that fashion is very important to her !!! she was first signed to La Reid, then while writting songs for Akon , he noticed that she could sings so he convinced Interscope to sign her under his label and VOILA !!!!!

Some of her latest outfits are outrageous and out of this world ( she is famous for wearing bodysuit, fetish boots and big hats ) but i adore her for her sense of fashion and for beeing so fashion forward and it just seems that she is telling people that would be bold to ridicule her to : well , basically , go fuck yourself , poker face !!!

source: singerpictures,lady-gaga, huffingtonpost

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