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Thursday, October 22, 2009

RIHANNA = Edgy Fashion

I actually think her real name is Edgy !!!! and the rumors are that she also quite often say " .....edgy this....edgy that ..."  . Well she pretty well succeeded at it and the new machine that the hole world know as Rihanna is a big machine . With her age , she has grown to be one of the fiercest fashion icon of the moment and she continues to amaze.  This bich simply got it ...ha !!!


Mylas morales ----> make-up artist
Ursula stephen -----> hairstylist
kimmie keyes  -------> nails
Mariel Haenn -------->Stylist

This team of women alltogether are succeeding at putting a product and deliver it to us .  Aint we happy !!!

So Rihanna is said to lauunch her new album november 23rd and the first single is already floating on the internet : Russian Roulette

source: rihannadaily

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