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Sunday, November 29, 2009

CHANEL IMAN = Edgy chick

WOW ....

So in case you didnt know miss Chanel Iman has started a blog :

And i got to say i find some pictures which are worthy of the EDGYNESSS !!!

Since she started in the modeling business, Chanel was propulsed to the big names of fashion models and she has created a household name for herself in the fashion industry.

I can only respect her and giver her props where its due !!!

Here are some edgy pictures from her , and for more visit her site :

Saturday, November 28, 2009


So i was browsing the stores this week, i ended up on that store called THIS AND THAT .
First thing that captivated my eye was the display window. The tones were in the black and mauve and the set was quite different then what usually see in the malls.

I stepped into the store and i was amazed to see the different accessories that will really go with my style... they go from modern women to biker chic chick !!!

Next time , i'll take pictures ....

here is their site :

i noticed that they only have stores in north america and saudi arabia...for now... quite interesting....

Friday, November 27, 2009

MARIE SAINT-PIERRE = edgy designer

One of my favorites quebec designer !!!!

She has been designing for over 20 years in canada.

She is one of the well known names in the canadian fashion industry.
Her line, that she launched in 1986 is created for clients that are looking for sophistication and deep details in clothing.

Here are some beautiful pieces of her fall 2009 collection:

To give Marie saint-pierre and her clothes better justice, i suggest you visiter her site .


One of the fiercest Quebec's celebrities. In the past 3 or 4 years, she had a lot to deal with : death of her significant other and battling cancer. But beyond she has find the strenght to go through it all. I think it could be due to her inner will to embrace life. Anyways , i just love her.

She is also the ambassador for Quebec magazine Clin d'oeil and she did a wonderful spread in the 'ROSE' issue ( dedicated to the disease that is cancer ). The magazine sold out in 4 days.

Here she is :

Edgy chick stamp

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Isnt that the perfect time to go shopping in the states ... black friday...
I hope all l american fashionistas are out shopping tonight since we are in a time of recession, the stores , as i hear it, will definitely cut the prices in half and more !!!
So tell me what you guys got... i live in canada.

Stay edgy and let us be thankfull for everything we have.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

RIHANNA = Edgy chick

Rihanna had her album release party and she was caught wearing 2 different dresses and looking fly as hell doing so :

I feel like DIY one ... since i cant afford none of these...........yet , ha ah !!!
notice the matching louboutin's in the last picture...hmmmmmmmmm


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Japan fashion week ( part 4 )





Like a mentionned in a previous post, i did change my hair ... AGAIN...

My mother is kinna going crazy with me.. with all this hair changing, and she is telling me that i am not acting my age. To me its just a matter of expressing my style, regardless.

So here is my new look...for now.... ( soon enough i will be back to a beyonce or something !!!!)

mind you.... its a amber rose without the blonde.... or should i dye them ????



Monday, November 23, 2009

Reborn : Edgy Fashion Store


The store is located in the old port which is a quarter of montreal

with a srong old architecture dated from the french history.
It is one of the few store that would carry Rick Owens items and surely

exclusive on what they offer to their custumers. Actually there is a few sizes

of each item .

Personnally , i think the store is special because of its avant garde collections

and also because Brigitte (whom i had the pleasure to meet ) , the owner, is such

a nice and welcoming individual.

i need to go back there and get me some stuff and take pictures.

some of the brands they carry: alexander wang, opening ceremony, complexe geometries , rad hourani,acne, drkshdw by owens ...


COEUR DE PIRATE : Edgy chick

She goes by name of Coeur de pirate which means heart of a parrot in english.
Her real name is Beatrice Martin. She is a young 19 years old quebecoise that has singing for a passion.

In 2007, she started writting her own songs.
Her music style is caracterised by her little voice which reminds of the one the voice of Charlotte Gainsbourg or Vanessa Paradis ( wife of Johny Depp ).

One of the aspect that also make her so special to me is her style, which is unique, punctuated with the tattoos that she carries with no shame.

Coeur de pirate : Edgy Chick Stamp approved .

Sunday, November 22, 2009

American music awards

Just to say that this was one of my favorites :

RENATA MORALES : Edgy Fashion Designer

One of the Edgy fashion designer in Montreal which is known internationally is the mexicano-canadian Renata Morales. I have to say , she is more then a designer, she brings art to her client and to her clothes.

Here are some of her dresses for her fall 2009 collection :

Source :


So if you read about me , you then know that i am from this contry called Canada.
Wonderful contry , i should say , beautifull sightings, people, places to go and see.

Canada has 10 provinces and 2 territories and one of those provinces is Quebec.
What is particular about that province is that the main language is french and it has its own distinctive population mostly due to its composition .

The population of the province quebec was built from the immigration of the french from france and part from british. What makes Quebec so distinctive is that , quebec alltogether has a different culture, a different fashion, different music, different known creative minds.

As an exemple one of the well known product of quebec is Celine Dion.

Now, inside of the province , we have what we called the Montreal metropolitain area. Which is concentrate of a lot of the french speaking immigration from around the world, and the born quebequers.

Well , thats where i live.

In another perspective, i thought about bringing you into my world and show you a bit of the edgynesss of the montreal metropolitain area throughout my blog.

ps: it is freaking cold in winter, but you can still go skiing , skating.....

Get ready for the ride....

Oh , and i am going for a completely new layout

And bigger and better things....always .

Stay Edgy . 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

YASUHIRO TAKEHISA = Edgy Fashion Stylist

While browsing through the internet i fell on pictures of this wonderful stylist that goes by the name of Yasuhiro Takehisa.

He is not a new comer in the business of fashion and his work will not pass unnotified. His creativity is to push the clothes in such a way that it embrasses high fashion in such natural manner.

He will surely be qualified as a high or should i say haute fashion stylist .

Yasuhiro : Certified Edgy Fashion Stylist stamp .

source : Yasuhiro Takehisa's blog ( website : )

AMBER ROSE = Edgy Fashion chick

Amber was seen at Rapper Fabulous birthday party and she was wearing that cute little vest/bustier .... that i  lovvvvvvvvvveee... very nice fit with a well fitted pants.. just wonderful.... i need one too !!!!

source :

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

RIHANNA= Edgy Fashion with

I am sure you all have seen this dress worn by Rihanna :

Well wants you to know that :

" November 18, 2009 (Los Angeles, CA) - Rihanna unleashed the Black Cage dress by Funktional monday night in London at the Nokia X6 launch party. On sale today exclusively at, this dress proved to be the perfect red carpet look for the newly ‘Rated R' songstress and fashion icon. is an innovative online retailer that offers the unique service of shopping with the stylists to your favorite celebrities and getting intel on their next look before their clients do. Get exclusive StyleQ footage today from her personal stylist, Rob Zangardi, as he unveils the story behind Rihanna’s "Rated R" look.

Be the first to get Rihanna’s dress this morning at for $85.    "

Looks interesting, i am about to check it out myself .....

CASSIE : Edgy Chick

Cassie rocked this fabulous look... hmmmmm i love that girl's style.
She was attending CFDC/vogue fashion fund awards in NYC.
Posing here with Alejandro Ingelmo.

Edgy chick it is ....

source :

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

John Mayor

Something about that man ........................