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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Curvatious fashion

So i was browsing through the internet and of course i landed on one of my favorite blogs out there : Bryan Boy.

As i was reading his blog, i fell on the post concerning Gemma Ward, beautiful supermodel that use to grace the runways  not so long ago and that, it seems like, s is retiring from the hole fashion world.

First i have to applaud Bryan for saying that he wishes that there is more of those "real size"  women and men on the runways.
Second i want to give a lemon prize to those newsmedia that misquoted  his thoughts on the subject of  Gemma Ward's new weight !!!

That beeing said, it brings me the oh so discussed subject of size 8, 10, 12 women on runways .

WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY WAITING FOR !!!  There must be some billions dollars of money to do there !!! i simply dont understand why it hasnt been done yet !!! I know some fashion designers most have some creative ideas for those sizes . The agencies are also to be pointed out , there the ones that can put pressure on the Fashion Houses to take more of those "real size women".

I just dont get it !!! Must i say it again, these girls that have a passion for fashion are looking at the models, the celebrities, magazines and the only thing on their minds is to be that size 0.

I am all for that healthy weight, and more realistic fashion sizes....

( mind you, i need to loose some weight.... i'll show pictures soon)

ouf !!!!

What about curvatious fashion ????

in the words of Bryan Boy :  That is all .

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