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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jay-z : men fashion

I dont usually do to much of men's fashion , but this , right here, i had to mention !!!!

Besides the fact that i am totally sold out to Jay-z, and that i went to see his concert ( which by the way, was fantabulous, he gave the fans for more then their money ), i have to say that the man got " SWAG " . He actually personnafies it, he breathes , he smells, he walks, he talks   swag !!!   I totally understand Beyonce and where she is coming from .

Not only he brought hip hop to another level, from real street to the mass without loosing credibility, he also brought hip hop men's fashion to another level by the way he dresses. He switches from jeans and timbs to suit and tie with no effort .

When you see Jay-z in concert, you really feel his aura, his charisma and with him, you really understand that fashion transcends the simple way you dress, it is also the way you wear the clothes, the way your personna transpires through the clothes and  he does just that .

What is his favorite color ? like he would say : " All black everything " .

source: starpulse

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