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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Amber Rose = Edgy fashion chick

Face of curvatious fashion...

Since this women came out , she took the fashion world by storm .
she breathes confidence and rocks fashion like she owns it !!!! its crazy !!!
Since in the public eye,  i have been watching her every fahion  move .

From rocking the baldie with sexyness to the leggings to the sexy tomboy look.... she just got it . With enough motivation, a good marketing, make-up,styling team with her she will go far.
I hear she also wants to do movies... yes , i could see her : like a girls interrupted ( angelina jolie ) type of role, u know ......
I also hear that Omahyra Mota is one of her favorite model.... i am all with u girl !!!!! she is one of mine too Omahyra

PS: notice that i didnt mention Kanye West ( not that i have something against him ): its because she is becoming a star on her own !!!!

Well , just in case you dont know who she is :

She gets the Edgy Fashion Chick stamp


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