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Monday, November 16, 2009

Fashion trend: Jumpsuit

Ok .
I know my cam is not on point or i need to upgrade the way i take pictures, but its on the work !!!
Just wanted to show you a fashion trend that i certainly abused of,  this summer : The jumpsuit....( * of course in black *)

So i bought this piece at Zara, and it made wonders for me ,( since i gave birth to my 2nd son in March ), it hides everything that i need it to hide ..... just perfect.

Also what i like about the jumpsuit is that you can dress it up with some pumps or ankle boots or dress it down with some gladiator flat.

I already changed my hair too.... i'll show  you guys pretty soon ...

I had a brunch with the girls, yesterday, and of course,  with all the subjects that there is to discuss in the whole wide world , we had to come to the weight subject !!!

which brings me to this :    I NEED TO LOOSE WEIGHT !!!!

I dont know if you feel like me, but i like a curvaceous women but someway, somehow, the clothes just fall easier and in the right place on a lighter person..... no ????? ( is it that we have been brainwashed that way by the media, i dont know... ).

So i am on the works to loose about 40 pounds ... ( is that even possible $%&^%$^%^%^%@???

I can already hear it ... Women !!! what about beeing healthy and eating right ????

I agree, but at this point i just want those damn clothes to sit right on me ....

wanna keep it edgy.. u see...

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