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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

COCOANDBREEZY = edgy fashion chicks and edgy fashion designers


These girls are fantabulous !!!!

I found out about them while browsing a blog . From that point on and checked out their own blog :  and their website and then their tweeter cocoandbreezy.

So they lived in a small area where people are too interested in fashion and they were kind of outcast in their own neighborhood but they had a passion : FASHION and they had a goal : their own fashion line.

So from stylist to artists , the word passed around,  and a lot of people are now wearing their beautiful glasses ( i ordered myself a pair ) :

So they took their belongings and in a matter of two weeks !!! poof !!! they moved to NY !!!! The adventure starts right now... follow their success and progress... much love to them... two stars are born !!!

ps: they are only nineteen !!!

Edgy chicks stamps

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