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Monday, December 21, 2009

What is going on ???

Well , i have been thinking about upgrading my site and trying to come up with ideas...
I want to bring this to another level and the more and more i find myself beeing very passionned about what i do. So for 2010, expect upgrades, more pictures, more vision, different approach ... more EDGYNESSS.

I am working hard to bring this to my viewers and upcoming ones... feel free to leave any ideas and things that you havent seen in other blogs and that you would probably want to see on this one... i will do my best to bring it to you !!!

I have been in the blogosphere for only 3 months with this blog and i already feel family ... actually talking about family , you might see a little bit more of them as we travel along...

So i am taking this time to wish everyone of you happy holydays, spend quality time with your families and friends ( life is short ), i also came to realise that happyness is in the little things that you live in your everyday life : time spending with husband, talking different subjects, seeing my kids growing into beautiful human beeings....oh and there  is fashion ... of course...

anyways ...a few more posts to come before we bring you a different vibes for 2010...


Stay Edgy

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  1. Hay its me from 2 doses a day, just wishing you much success on the blog because I like your blog and feel if it blew up then you would have a big one on your hands!!! Good Luck :) Youve helped me out on mine and Ive still been tryin so I thank You!!!